Fleur De Sel 25KG **



Fleur de Sel, lovingly called the “Flower of Salt,” is a truly special salt that brings a touch of luxury to your dishes. This unique sea salt is a gift from nature, created only when the perfect combination of sunny, dry weather and a gentle easterly wind come together.

These conditions allow beautiful salt crystals to form on the surface of marshes. What sets Fleur de Sel apart is its slight moisture content, which can reach up to 10%. Because of this, the salt takes a bit longer to melt when you sprinkle it on your dishes. This not only adds a burst of flavour but also gives a pleasant, crunchy texture that food lovers and chefs adore.

Fleur de Sel is known for its smooth, rich flavour and moist texture, making it a wonderful addition as a finishing salt for fresh foods or as a seasoning during cooking. The luxurious, clean-tasting salt crystals are a true treat for your taste buds.

Add a touch of elegance to your meals by incorporating Fleur de Sel. Savour the delightful taste and texture of this extraordinary, all-natural salt, and enjoy the well-deserved reputation it has as the ultimate finishing salt.

Fleur de Sel is sourced from le Guerande in France, the home of Celtic Sea Salt.

Country of Origin
Peninsula of Guerande, France
Allergen Advice
No declarable allergens.

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Sea salt from Guerande, France (100%)