Simply checkout and pick your collection option. If you’ve paid for an order and realised you’ve forgotten something or want to add to your order, simply place a second order before the cut off date and we will combine them together.

Even though the website stockist is always updating throughout the month, there is still a slight chance that what you have intended to order will be out of stock once I have placed the order to H2G after the closing date. This part is out of my control. I will send an email to members once H2G have confirmed our order stating if any items were out of stock, and process those refunds at that time.

a. There is an 10% administration fee which has already been applied to the pricing shown on this site. This fee contributes to the work involved in compiling all the members orders and submitting it as one large order to H2G, communications with H2G to finalise and pay for the order, receiving the order at our location, separating the order out into member orders, and repackaging all the members order ready for pick up or delivery.
c. Splits Fee: For those who order items under the BULK Splits category, there is an additional 3% added to those wholesale items.  This 3% goes towards the bags provided to portion your products out into, the washing/recycling/storing/organising of donated glass jars to split liquids into, labels for all split products (label paper, ink), staples, and labour involved in splitting the products. With the bulk item unit pricing being so low though in the splits, it is still a great bargain and also reduces plastic packaging

No, these items are at RRP, as there is a lot more involved and risk for me to have those items in stock at all times.

Split items are separated into either brown paper bags (compostable), Cornstarch based bags (compostable and biodegradable bags that look and feel like plastic) for items that have a higher grease element that soak through paper bags, recycled glass jars for food liquids, recycled plastic jugs (milk, juice, vinegar, etc.) for cleaning liquids. To keep the recycling cycle happening, we ask that if you receive any recycled containers in your splits (not the cornstarch or brown paper bags) that these be returned to us when we drop off your next order or when you come to pick up your next order. We will then clean and reuse them again for another order. 

Orders are usually ready about 8 days after the order closes. The dates you will expect your goods will be identified at checkout when you select your collection option.


Food Group Shop: Delivery is an option you can choose at checkout. This service costs $8 and is available for those living from Nowra to Kiama only. You also have the option to pick up from our store, or from the Berry Farmers Market.

Weekly Shop: Upon checkout, you can select your preferred delivery method. Options include Monday delivery ($8), Click & Collect after 11am the next business day at our shop at 2/62 North St, Nowra (store entry from Egans Lane Carpark), or Pickup Thursdays at the Berry Farmers Market.

Our delivery range is from Nowra to Kiama, including all townships along the coast. This includes Nowra (North, East, South, West, Nowra Hill, etc.), Bangalee, Cambewarra, Jaspers Brush, Berry (Broughton Vale, Woodhill, Wattamolla, Brogers Creek, etc), Foxground, Shoalhaven Heads, Coolangatta, Far Meadow, Gerroa, Gerringong, Kiama, Kiama Heights. If you are unsure, please feel free to tell us where you live and we can try and work something out with you.

2/62 North St, Nowra (store entry from Egans Lane Carpark) or the Berry Farmers Market on Thursdays.

Yes, we are happy to make other arrangements with you if the set pick up times or days do not work for you. Send us an email and I’m sure we can work something out.