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Unlike heavily processed table salt, this Celtic Sea Salt is harvested using non-mechanised, human scale farmlands, allowing for the necessary time and care to be taken when cultivating this salt. This unwashed, unrefined, additive-free Celtic Sea Salt, retains its natural mineral content, making it a healthier and more wholesome choice for your wholefoods journey.

Both our coarse and fine Celtic Sea Salt are extracted from the saline marshlands in Le Guérande, Western France, hand-harvested using traditional methods and is well known for its culinary virtues. It is naturally grey as it crystallises on contact with the clay naturally found in the salt marshes. This colour is testament to its natural extraction and processing methods.

Compared to regular table salt, which is produced by high temperature processing and refining to reduce it to sodium chloride, naturally derived Celtic Sea Salt has a distinct flavour and texture. Its lightly sea-kissed flavour and singular texture contributes its mineral magic to any dish. Perfect for salting stocks, cooking vegetables, salting pasta water, barbequed/meat rubs and fish cooked with a salt crust.

Celtic Sea salt is less processed than other salts and is therefore known for its moist texture and light grey hue. Natural processing methods allow our Celtic Sea Salt to be abundant in trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, making it an electrolyte trifecta for quality hydration.

Celtic Sea Salt texture can either be a fine grind or a coarse grind. The choice between fine and coarse Celtic Sea Salt depends on the specific culinary application and the texture you desire in your dishes. The nutritional profile of both salts is the same. More information can be found in the ‘how to use’ section.

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Allergen Advice
May be present: gluten, sesame, soy and tree nuts.

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Celtic Sea Salt

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