Have You Ever Considered This?


We tend to think about organic produce in terms of us not wanting to consume chemicals, or on another level, not wanting to have those chemicals put into our earth, but have you ever thought about the farmers health who is growing with chemicals. When we support the industries that promote heavy agrochemical uses, those growing and working on those farms are also being affected by this. Some common agrichemicals commonly used are:

glyphosate, aluminium or zinc phosphide – fumigant, organophosphates , pyrethroids, methyl bromide, sodium fluoroacetate – ‘1080’ baits, strychnine, paraquat, diquat , cresol, alkaline and acid cleaning agents, neonicotinoids, formalin, nutritional supplements – selenium and copper, livestock vaccines and drenches

The effects of chemical exposure depend on the type of chemical and the degree of exposure. If chemicals are swallowed, absorbed through the skin or inhaled as a mist, vapour or dust, some of the

immediate effects can include:
poisoning, headache, nausea , vomiting, diarrhoea, pinpoint pupils, dizziness, fine muscle twitching, increased bronchial and lacrimal secretions, skin rashes and irritation, chemical burns.

Some long-term effects of chemical exposure can include:
increased risk of some cancers, birth defects, diseases of the lungs, liver or kidneys, and nervous system disorders.

So when you decide to eat organic, you’re not only saving your own health and the planets, you’re also saving a family of husbands, wives, kids, and friends health who work hard to grown you the food you eat.


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