Solid Shampoo Bars – Ethique

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St Clements: Our clarifiying shampoo bar effectively removes oils, chlorine, and styling product buildup from hair. Expect lots of bubbly lather that rinses away to reveal fresh, bouncy tresses.åÊ

Friss Wrangler: Tame those locks with our supremely smoothing Frizz Wrangler shampoo bar. Formulated with organic, fairly traded Ghanaian cocoa butter, and creamed coconut butter from Samoa, Frizz Wrangler is specially crafted to soften and nourish strands without weighing them down or any waxy residue.åÊ

Sweet & Spicy: Bring life, volume, and bounce with our Sweet & Spicy volumising Shampoo Bar. Orange, cinnamon, and ginger feature in this warming shampoo bar that’s perfect for fine or flat hair. Fairly traded cocoa butter and Samoan coconut oil nourish and soften without weighing strands down, while a pinch of sea salt gives new life and texture to tresses.åÊ

Mintasy: Refresh and revitalise balanced to dry hair with our iconic teal Mintasy shampoo bar. This delightfully minty shampoo is loaded with sustainably sourced ingredients that cleanse and nourish hair without weighing strands down.åÊ

Professional Curl: Specially formulated in line with curl care principles, Professor Curl is a pH-balanced, solid shampoo bar that gently cleanses without drying out your curls. Made with a nourishing blend of ingredients like shea butter, betaine, and cocoa butter, Professor Curl will help promote soft hair and defined curls. You won‰Ûªt find any sulfates, silicones, waxes, or drying alcohols in this dreamy little bar. Instead, you‰Ûªve got a solid shampoo that is equivalent to three bottles of salon-quality goodness that gently lathers for fresh, bouncy curls. Safe for color-treated hair, too!

How to Use:åÊ

eady for an easy-to-use shampoo bar? Wet your hair and the bar. Massage the bar into your roots throughout your scalp. Put the bar down and lather shampoo into hair.
Rinse (and repeat, if needed)åÊ