Salmon in Extra Virgin Org Olive oil 120g


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We sell 3 types of fish under the Good Fish brand ‰ÛÒ tuna, salmon, and sardines. Every product has been impeccably sourced from the world‰Ûªs safest fishing havens, leaving no ecological or social damage behind. Our fish are fished to strict, seasonal quotas to ensure stocks of this precious resource will never be depleted. They are processed by hand and packed in the safest, BPH-free packaging to ensure both their safety and their deliciousness. Our label offers ethical, guilt-free eating that’s not only delicious but great for your body and your soul.

  • Each fish is hand-packaged either in brine or organic extra virgin olive oil.
  • No additives, nothing artificial, no nasties.

  • Wild, hand-caught and sustainable stock.

  • Processed in fair trade, traditional and ecologically viable conditions.


Alaskan Salmon

Caught in the peak of the Alaskan season, when these fish are at their finest, the salmon is snap frozen and sent immediately to Spain, where they are preserved in the finest certified organic extra virgin olive oil by a team of highly-skilled, all-female processors using traditional Mediterranean methods.