PhycoMuesli BULK

$3.00$15.50 per 100g


Seaweed muesli is full of protein and micronutrient satisfaction, plus gut healthy SeaFibres. Nothing is sacrificed here with: all essential Amino Acids in our rich marine protein; B12; micronutrients from the sea including iron, iodine, manganese and boron; SeaFibre glycans; Our muesli also contains extra protein from hemp seeds!  A breakfast with a serving of PhycoMuesli will deliver over 40% of your daily iron needs!



Oats**, Coconut Flakes*, Almonds**, Rice Malt Syrup*, Hemp Seeds**,Coconut oil*, Cranberries, Phycotein Seaweed Pellets (Seaweed*, Rice Mail* & Cinnamon), Pepitas*, Sunflower Seeds*, Cinnamon.

* Organic

** Australian and Organic