Phybre BULK



Phybre in bulk (unpackaged) – with SeaFibre and Green Banana. Our triple-fibre blend from the land to the sea. Now you can get your SeaFibre in a scoopable fibre blend for your cereal, smoothies or baking, with the fibre diversity of green bananas and resistant starch from brown organic basmati. With a serving of Phybre you will get 40% of your daily fibre needs in diverse forms. Our gut microbiomes are complex ecosystems, much like rainforest soils, and host many different types of bacteria. The problem with the modern diet is that it is often deficient in important foods, primarily fibres and phenolic compounds from plants. Importantly, you should supply the microbiome diversity in your gut with a diversity of dietary fibres, because different bacteria prefer different types of fibre. Therefore, a combination of dietary fire is as important, and more effective, in maintaining a good gut balance. Our research has shown just how beneficial our Seafibre can be in your diet.