Phettuccine Seaweed Pasta

$2.50 per 100g


Our Phettuccine is based on traditional Italian pasta ingredients, including Australian durum wheat semolina, eggs and our Australian Green Seaweed #84. At 10% seaweed, this offers you a refreshing sense of the sea while you are boiling it (6 mins), a vibrant emerald on your dinner table, and a richer pasta on your taste buds with intense nutrition for life. 
Serve simply as with a side of olive oils and parmesan cheese, or cook Mediterranean sauces; from gorgonzola to seafood. There is nothing that SeaSpirals won’t work with; and you are reducing your food carbon footprint with every bit of extra seaweed in your day.
Fortified with 10% of our trace element rich, whole seaweed, one average serve will deliver you:
  • Extra protein-rich pasta with gut healthy sea-fibers
  • anti-oxidants lutein and beta carotene
  • Nutritional amounts of trace elements
  • 42% of your Manganese requirements = insulin metabolism, bones and joints, anti-oxidant metabolism
  • 65% of your Boron and 1/3 of Magnesium requirements = Bone Health
  • 71% of your Iodine requirements = Hormone and brain health