Organic Sweet Almond Oil BULK

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  • Almond Oil SweetåÊ is naturally high in proteins and antioxidants, it also contains Vitamins A, B and E, Omega 3, Magnesium, Calcium and Oleic & Linoleic acid. For this reason, it is used in a lot of massage oils, soaps, body butters, lotions, hand & skin creams and haircare products.
  • Other Almond Oil Sweet benefits are obtained as it is light and easily absorbed into the skin. This makes it particularly beneficial for soothing dry, chapped and irritated skin.
  • Almond Oil Sweet may assist with moisturising the hands, nails and cuticles. It has also been seen to improve skin complexion, remove flaky and dead skin cells and reduce dark circles around the eyes.
  • When used directly on the skin, it is known to be an effective make-up remover.
  • Almond Oil Sweet can also be used as a ‰Û÷hair mask‰Ûª to help nourish and strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.
  • This oil has been refined creating an unscented and clearer oil then the unrefined version. This makes it more suitable for cosmetic uses.