Natural Deodorant Stick 70g – Totem Eco



Totem Eco Natural Deodorant Blue Gum 70g

Totem Eco‰Ûªs unisex natural deodorant, Blue Gum, is packed with skin loving ingredients, 100% effective and bicarb free for sensitive skin. Formulated with Australian essential oils and Magnesium Hydroxide, Totem Eco‰Ûªs Blue Gum deodorant will eliminate body odour and keep you feeling cool and fresh.

Totem Eco Natural Deodorant Bush Lavender

Totem Eco Natural DeodorantåÊBush Lavender 70gåÊ

Totem Eco‰Ûªs Bush Lavender deodorant is a 100% effective magnesium deodorant you can trust to remove body odour for women and teens. Bicarb free, Totem Eco‰Ûªs natural deodorant Bush Lavender is the best deodorant for sensitive skin and the planet.

Totem Eco Natural Deodorant Honey Myrtle

Totem Eco Natural DeodorantåÊHoney Myrtle 70g

Totem Eco‰Ûªs natural deodorant Honey Myrtle is bursting with zest to eliminate body odour. Always smell fresh with Totem Eco‰Ûªs Honey Myrtle deodorant, a unisex magnesium deodorant for sensitive skin. Eco friendly, 100% effective, and Australia‰Ûªs best natural deodorant Australia.

Totem Eco Natural Deodorant Kakadu Rose

Totem Eco Natural DeodorantåÊKakadu RoseåÊ70g

Totem Eco‰Ûªs natural deodorant Kakadu Rose is the best deodorant for women. Totem Eco‰Ûªs Kakadu Rose deodorant‰Ûªs easy to apply formula is enriched with the amazing skin benefits of Kakadu Plum Extract, is bicarb free for sensitive skin and 100% effective.

Totem Eco Natural Deodorant Paperbark

Totem Eco Natural DeodorantåÊPaperbarkåÊ70g

Say hello to Totem Eco‰Ûªs all natural deodorant, Paperbark. This luxe and easy to apply formula will remove body odour while being kind to your skin and the planet. Totem Eco‰Ûªs Paperbark deodorant is 100% effective, bicarb free and the best deodorant for sensitive skin.

Totem Eco Natural Deodorant White Cypress

Totem Eco Natural DeodorantåÊWhite CypressåÊ70g

Totem Eco‰Ûªs natural deodorant White Cypress is subtle yet tough on odour causing bacteria. Totem Eco‰Ûªs White Cypress deodorant‰Ûªs earthy, woody, grounding and soothing aroma is 100% effective and the best natural deodorant stick for men, women and teens.