Handmade by ME – Beeswax Wraps



Miscellaneous patterns and colours

Handmade Beeswax wraps made from repurposed cotton. Some Organic Cotton, others are unknown sourced Cotton. This batch has been made with Beeswax from Nowra

Beeswax wraps are a reusable, washable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic and cling wrap. Our beeswax wraps are made with cotton, beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil. Beeswax wraps last up to 6-12 months and can be used to cover almost anything that cling wrap can cover.

All fabrics have been cut by hand and therefore may have slight variation in sizes.


Care Instructions:

After use, simply wash your wraps under cold running water with your hands, applying a small amount of eco-friendly detergent if needed, just like you would rinse a plate. If your wrap is very dirty or for the occasional “deep clean”, use a gentle sponge or cloth. The antibacterial properties of beeswax will help to keep your wraps germ-free.

Do not use hot water when washing as this will slowly over time remove the wax from the fabric.

Best not used in situations where it can be in contact with raw meats.

With proper care, your wraps will last around 12 months, depending on how often you use them.

To prolong their lifespan even more, once you start noticing your wraps are starting to wear off, you can refresh your wraps by placing them on a sheet of baking paper in the oven at around 120 for 1-2 minutes; just long enough for the beeswax to melt and redistribute more evenly. After this, your wraps will be tacky to the touch but once cool they will settle back down.

Wraps can be fully compostable. Once you stop using them, cut into small strips and simply put them in your compost.