Fragrant Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea



This is a green tea selected from Anhui province in China. The fresh green tea leaves are first left to wither naturally before been exposed to Jasmine flowers that left in baskets surrounding the green tea. This natural infusion process takes around 2 days and requires the use of up to 50 kilos of fresh flower for every 200 kilograms of green tea. The taste is altogether different from a lot of other Jasmine teas on the market that use either essence or a dried jasmine flower added to the processes green tea at the end of processing.

This Jasmine offers a soft mellow lingering floral character. Far from being overpowering, the Jasmine works very well when used as a cold brew infusion or mixed into gin-based cocktails as some of our bar and restaurant accounts tell us. For more recipe ideas, send us a message!


Green tea, Jasmine flower


TEA: 3g/1tsp, WATER: 78°C, TIME: 1’50”
*per single serve teapot/340ml H2O


Green tea – Tunxi (China), Jasmine flower – Hangxian (China)


Floral with a slightly sweet alter taste. Has the highest concentration of Vitamin C