Face Pads – 7 Pack (NueBar)


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This handyÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊpack ofÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊ7 Face PadsÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊhave you covered for every day of the week.

NueBar Face Pads andÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊFace WashÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊare capable of removing a full face of makeup and, the ultimate test, even zinc-based sunblock.

  • Use the provided laundry bag to wash your face pads in the washing machine.
  • Made from 95% hemp and 5% cotton (hemp is super sustainable and incredibly soft)
  • Larger than most (8.5 x 8.5cm)
  • And of course, the letter ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâå÷FÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåª lightly stitched so you know itÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåªs your NueBar Face Pad

If you want eco-luxury without the waste, then say hello to NueBar Face Pads. After months of development, we are proud to introduce our new ultra-soft face pads, the perfect partner to ourÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâåâÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÊface wash bars.

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