EVER ECO Dish Brush Head Replacement x 1


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Ever Eco Dish Brush Replacement Head


Made from plants, the Ever Eco Dish Brush Replacement Head is your  alternative to plastic dish brushes! Made with sisal brushes, this dish brush is designed to clean your dishes, as well as pots and pans.
Unvarnished wood eliminates chemicals from the production process

An alternative to plastic dish brushes
A wonderful, zero-waste addition to your kitchen!
Ever Eco is an Australian company offering reusable solutions to single-use plastic products. Founded in 2013, Ever Eco’s extensive range of items includes drinkware, kitchenware, food storage, cleaning and more! Their mission is simple: make the world a better place and inspire others to live a healthier life too!


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Usage Directions:

Squeeze the two wires at neck of brush together to loosen the metal grip around head and allow clasp to slide towards handle. Stretch wires apart to insert new head into the handle.  Pliers may be needed to do this the first time.