ECOMAX Hair Brush Oval


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Dry use

Ideal for everyday hair brushing and reducing frizz

Key features:

  • Solid Rubber Wood ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÒ no splitting or cracking, this brush is made to last
  • Anti-static ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÒ bamboo pins for less frizz when brushing
  • Natural Rubber ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÒ plastic free cushioning
  • Plastic Free ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÒ ensuring no micro-plastics will make their way down your drains to the ocean
  • Biodegradable ÌÄåÄÌâåÄÌÄåâÌâå¢ÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÛÌÄåÄÌâåâÌÄåâÌâåÒ compost to breakdown naturally

Care of brush:

It is important to wash your hair brush regularly to keep both the brush and your hair in great condition. Regularly remove any tangled hairs and when you see residue start to accumulate on the brush pins it is time to give your brush a bath.

Mix a mild shampoo with warm water in the sink and using an old toothbrush gently scrub the pins and the rubber cushion clean. Dry your brush on a towel with the pins facing down. Do not submerge your brush in water.

End of life:

Once your brush has reached the end of its life, throw it in with your compost.


Length: 22cm (Brush Head Length: 11cm)
Width: 6.5cm
Depth: 4cm


Rubber Wood
Bamboo Pins
Natural Rubber Cushion

Making a fine timber hair brush requires a high degree of mechanisation. From the shaping of the timber to the making of the small bamboo pins, computerised lathes have the precision and speed to craft high quality brush ware.

Our ECOMAX Hair Brushes are made in Zhejiang on the east coast of China using a mix of precision machine processing along with hand assembly. The small company employing 80 staff source raw materials locally with both the bamboo and rubber trees growing in plantations within the same province the brushes are made.

We support any country who makes products sustainable and fair trade, although we do try first to support Australia, we do not discriminate against others.