ECOMAX Foot Brush


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Hard Bristle   Coconut

Wet or Dry use

Ideal for scrubbing rough heels after your shower

 Key features:

  • 100% Natural – made from the outer husk of mature coconuts, a by-product of the coconut industry
  • Long-lasting – coconut fibre keeps its shape, strength and scrubability
  • Naturally Antibacterial – always smells fresh and mould free
  • Non Toxic – our fibres are free of chemicals sprays
  • Plastic Free – ensuring no micro-plastics will make their way down your drains to the ocean
  • Biodegradable – compost to breakdown naturally
  • Ethically Handmade – supporting women producers in Sri Lanka
  • Vegan Certified – no hidden animal products


Care of brush:

Coconut is a strong, long-lasting fibre resistant to mould and mildew and is suitable for use in wet environments. Just ensure that the timber handle is not left soaking in a pool of water.

As your brush will accumulate dirt and dead skin cells from scrubbing it is important to clean your brush, spray after each use with our ECOMAX Turmeric cleansing brush spritzer and wash in hot water regularly with an antibacterial soap, shake out excess water and hang brush to dry in the sun.


End of life:

Once your brush has reached the end of its life, throw it in with your compost, once the fibres have broken down retrieve the wire and recycle at your local scrap metal collection point.