Buena Vista Farm – Water Kefir


1L Water Kefir

We are so excited and proud to be offering Buena Vista Farm made Water Kefir as an option to add to your H2G order. If ordered, the product will be delivered to us the morning of delivery day/pick up day and kept refrigerated until needed.

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Kefir is a probiotic drink, made by fermenting sweetened water with a kefir mother culture (a community of good bacteria and yeast, which resembles crystal – like grains). They strain out the mother culture which leaves you with this bottle of fix probiotic goodness. Because the finished kefir contains natural probiotics they recommend only drinking one 250ml cup a day, or even less if you have a sensitive tummy.

There will still be traces of mother culture present, which means if you leave this bottle out on the bench at room temperature, it will continue to lightly ferment and will become less sweet and progressively fizzier. As soon as you refrigerate, the fermentation stops.