Baking Paper – Natural 21m Roll


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If You Care Parchment Baking Roll is made with premium quality FSC certified unbleached, greaseproof papers. Perfect for a wide variety of baking and cooking needs. While some baking papers are coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metals like chromium that can be toxic when incinerated.

  • If You Care Parchment Paper uses Silicone, derived from a natural element
  • If You Care baking papers use no chlorine in their production
  • FSC Certified unbleached greaseproof paper
  • Totally chlorine-free (TCF)
  • Unbleached recycled cardboard packaging
  • Vegetable-based inks for printing
  • Non-toxic glues
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • No greasing necessary

Size: 19.8m x 33cm