Organic White Rice Paper (Gluten Free)


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The perfect nutritional base for your rice paper rolls. 22cm in diameter and require no cooking, these rice papers will set you up for an easy and healthy dinner. Vegan, gluten free and made with 98% organic white rice.

What Goes In.

Organic white rice (98%), tapioca starch and natural salt.

Did You Know?

Did you know for some people, the immune response to eating gluten can cause inflammation? This irritation to the lining of the small intestine is extremely uncomfortable. It also causes malabsorption of nutrients, an upset stomach, and a raft of ongoing health issues.


Made in Vietnam

How to use

Use cool, room temperature water for dipping the rice paper before making the roll. Dip for 10 seconds at most and the rice paper may still feel a little crisp, place it onto a damp tea towel and wait a few seconds and it should soften.

Never warm water as it softens the rice paper too quickly, making them sticky and hard to handle.