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Grown in an area famous for a particular type of green tea. This tea will treat the senses with fresh notes of roasted chestnuts and stone fruit. Rich but mellow, with no lingering bitterness left on the palate.ÌÎÌãÌ´Ì¢ÌÎ̴̢Ì_


This tea is sourced from an area of Zhejiang that is famous in Chinese history for producing some of the best teas ever made. The artistry and skill of the Southern Chinese in producing these fine liquors is astounding. The care and detail that goes into each stage from picking, to drying, to rolling and finally oxidization, is as much an art form as it is science. The result is a beautiful tea with delicate notes influenced by the surrounding fruit crops.


Fired, rolled and dried. Many people enquire why is a green tea different to a black. Essentially, the tea is withered (reducing its moisture content) after picking. Then fired in the wok by hand. The tea master uses no gloves and can judge if the heat is appropriate by ensuring that his/her hands are never getting burnt whilst they are turning the tea, which acts to soften the cellular membranes in order to release the liquors from the vascular bundles within the leaf. The tea master then pulls off all the leaves and rolls them either on a straw mat or by a machine with little ribbings that line the bottom of the press which attempts to do the same things that a skilled set of hands would do. Whether by hand or machine, the rolling action works by bruising the leaves, which give the tea its flavour. The tea is then immediately dried in a simple oven mechanism. This is called the stop fermentation process.