Mixed Fruit/Veg Box


Bomo Bulk’s Organic Mixed Fruit + Veg Box. Order by midnight Sundays for pickup Wednesdays from 12-1pm onwards.


Our boxes are all about “knowing what you are getting and from where”.

We’ve noticed over the last few years, the shift in mindset and awareness of the mindful shopper has been growing, and with that are those who want to profit from this. This means our good ole farmers markets and all these ‘box’ offers are not actually local at all. They are all coming from the Sydney Markets, which is supplied by all areas of Australia. Both Organic and Non Organic. Which is fine, there’s some amazing aussie produce there, but what get’s us is that those selling it give a perception of locally farmed.

So we’ve decided to take this into our own hands and not only give you organic produce, but information with that. You will know exactly where your food is coming from with every product you get. This will be included in a newsletter that will come with each box you order.åÊ

Be a part of the wave of individuals making changes to their lifestyles, not only for their better health, but to better the earth from it’s currently damaged state.

Be on the right side of history. Come with us on this journey we are on, so that together we can change our community, and the world.

Thank you,